Finally ! I have new EtsyUK listings !

After months and months of procrastinating, I have listed on …..

Etsy     !

etsy uk Etsy UK

I have been so incredibly busy with my art studies and facebook selling, that my poor shop has been languishing in a dark corner. I do solemnly swear that I will be much kinder to my little shop

You can visit my shop to see what I have on sale by clicking the link below:

MY ETSY UK SHOP   will gradually fill up over the next few weeks … I promise 🙂

These pretty beads were listed earlier today 🙂

*Although this post is relatively short, I have taken ages to write this and include as many SEO optimisations as possible …. I think I deserve coffee … and maybe some therapeutic spinning *

Etsy UK
For sale on Etsy UK


SEO Stress

SEO Stress 

I know that blogging is just one of a myriad of ways to get ‘out there’ on planet social media, but, boy ! I am feeling like a tourist in an exotic country and being utterly lost for words !

Oh my word !!! What on earth have I lined myself up for ?


seo stress
SEO stress

Is not optimising my SEO content the reason I never show up on google searches ? Probably.

Do I understand how to use SEO ? Probably not.

Will I ever figure this out ? Doubtful.

Jetpack ? Squirrly? Help !

Some Lampwork glass bits I sold yesterday

Just for posterity, I thought I’d share some of my recently sold and commissioned glass art beads.









Days like yesterday are good days. They make me smile and help me pay my bills.

Thank you to all of you who support self employed artists … we couldn’t do it without you x

Inspiration and thinking about monochrome ….

I had a really interesting tutorial session at college last week. Previously, I had taken a colour study and desaturated it, just to see what it would look like. I liked it …. I liked it a LOT !

See for yourself … here’s the original …

Original sketch

And here’s the desaturated sketch

Back and White

Now … I have always loved colour. I love it’s volume, depth and vibrancy, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the starkness of monochrome. After the initial shock, I do now feel that it has its own bleak beauty. And maybe a place in the market, too.

My tutor pointed me in the direction of Franz Kline. I had heard of him, but had never really looked at his work before.

Now, I don’t really ‘do’ straight lines and abrupt angles, but there is a way of working that I really like in his work.  I love the harsh black that shouts from his canvasses … it is confrontational, yet it also invites thought and contemplation ( to me, anyway).

The work of Franz Kline

He did also use colour …


So … where does this leave me ??
Buying a huge bottle of black indian ink and searching for a large canvas at which to throw it … it will be interesting if nothing else.

I do think it will also be a lot of messy fun …


Seasonal Landscape Inspirations

I love being up on the moors in early autumn. I love taking photoghraphs, too. Perfect for capturing those bits of inspiration when I don’t have a sketchbook to hand.

Abstract Landscape Art : It’s what I live for (on a god day, anyway !)

I do think that these would work well as landscape paintings …

Axe Edge Moor
Axe Edge Moor
On the Way to Buxton
On the Way to Buxton
The Blood Moon
The Blood Moon
The Roaches
The Roaches
Mermaid Pool
Mermaid Pool

Ahh … The winter logs have started arriving

I love the smell of fresh cut logs, don’t you ?

Ahh … A great big stack of fuel 🙂



My Instagram snaps



I love using my camera phone, don’t you ? It’s so much easier than it used to be 25 years ago. I remember all of the hassle it was, getting my old Ilford HP4’s developed at college in the dark room … yes … I was an art student 20 odd years ago too … Some things never change, eh … Anyway …

You can keep up with what’s going on by checking out my Instagram feed .. I am a habitual camera snapper who loves Instagramming and vintage-ifying absolutely everything !


Its snowing !!

In the Cairngorms and up on Ben nevis, heh !
I saw this, posted by Cairngorm Mountain Company, earlier …


It makes me think of snow days and crunchy, icy walks.

There are so many delicate, pale colours reflected by snow. It is far from plain old white.
I am looking forward to the challenge of painting snow, this winter.

Here’s hoping we get a white-ish  one !

Last year was a good one for snow 🙂




Hello !

Welcome to my first blog post.

Hi … I figured I should start my shiny new blog with a short introduction … My name is Lesley .I am a lampworker (I make hand crafted glass art beads for jewellery designers), and I am currently studying for a foundation degree in Art at Leek School of Art (part of Leek and Buxton College).

I have always loved being creative for as long as I can remember.

After many years spent living in the city, I finally relocated to the highest village in Britain, in the Peak District a few years ago. It was to be the best move that I ever made. It was also the most interesting move I ever made … especially in the winter !

My career has taken on a whole new direction since the move, so alongside my glass work, I am now studiously training to become a fully fledged fine artist.

Here’s my artist statement … It all sounds very grown up !

I am a mixed media artist, based in the Peak District.
I am influenced and drawn to  mood and colour within my surroundings.
I mostly work with acrylics, but also love to explore using charcoal, collage, textiles and printmaking.

Wild Peak District Moorland

Some of my glass work

recent painting

Recent artwork