Even more Inspiration

Kurt Jackson … just wow !



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2 thoughts on “Even more Inspiration

  1. Thank you! I love finding new artists to admire.

    When I wrote for work I used to read around a lot, which led to deeper understanding of lots of subjects. One contract, which lasted for 3 years, involved writing art descriptions for a global art site. The tiny bits of info given me with the thumbnails of the artworks themselves was nowhere near enough, so I ended up doing lots of research and learning lots of stuff but what I learned, mainly, was art appreciation. I would read about the artists’ lives and their varied inspirations and ways of portraying their feelings and so gained an understanding of the grammar of art, if there could be said to be such a thing! Art I’d previously thrown aside as ‘daubs on canvas’ I began (mostly) to understand – although not always love. I am forever grateful for that job because it gave to me the pleasure of looking at a painting or artwork intelligently.

    And now I need to take an intelligent look at Kurt Jackson’s work. I have no knowledge of him but just one look at the Almond Blossom above has me in love.

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