Keepsake Beads

This is a holding page for a brand new service I am now able to offer.

Memorial beads @

Beautifully crafted beads, made using the cremains of a loved one, whether that be a departed and much missed special person or companion animal.

More details will follow, but if you’d like any further information, then please email me at, quoting “keepsake beads” in the heading, so that I can spot your message.

My prices for this service will range between £30 – £45 and each consultation is bespoke, private and sensitive.

I just need to spend a little time building this new web page and working on a comprehensive and professional ‘mission statement’ etc.

Crystal clear light amethyst coloured glass over a white core.


Amethyst glass in sunlight.


Vibrant turquoise glass over a white core, threaded onto a twisted silk cord necklace. A lovely option for men who may not want a silver chain.