SEO Stress

SEO StressĀ 

I know that blogging is just one of a myriad of ways to get ‘out there’ on planet social media, but, boy ! I am feeling like a tourist in an exotic country and being utterly lost for words !

Oh my word !!! What on earth have I lined myself up for ?


seo stress
SEO stress

Is not optimising my SEO content the reason I never show up on google searches ? Probably.

Do I understand how to use SEO ? Probably not.

Will I ever figure this out ? Doubtful.

Jetpack ? Squirrly? Help !

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2 thoughts on “SEO Stress

  1. I know a bit of SEO, I used to write web content for a living. I can write you a wee tute about the basics if you would like BUT there are plug ins that will do your SEO for you, you just have to search them out. Why not google: SEO for wordpress or some such phrase?

    1. Oh you could ?
      I would appreciate knowing a few basics … so far I know absolutely nothing. I have installed Squirrly, but I just don’t understand it at all … it’s as though my brain just goes into white-out :/
      Thank you lovely xxxx

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