Inspiration and thinking about monochrome ….

I had a really interesting tutorial session at college last week. Previously, I had taken a colour study and desaturated it, just to see what it would look like. I liked it …. I liked it a LOT !

See for yourself … here’s the original …

Original sketch

And here’s the desaturated sketch

Back and White

Now … I have always loved colour. I love it’s volume, depth and vibrancy, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the starkness of monochrome. After the initial shock, I do now feel that it has its own bleak beauty. And maybe a place in the market, too.

My tutor pointed me in the direction of Franz Kline. I had heard of him, but had never really looked at his work before.

Now, I don’t really ‘do’ straight lines and abrupt angles, but there is a way of working that I really like in his work.  I love the harsh black that shouts from his canvasses … it is confrontational, yet it also invites thought and contemplation ( to me, anyway).

The work of Franz Kline

He did also use colour …


So … where does this leave me ??
Buying a huge bottle of black indian ink and searching for a large canvas at which to throw it … it will be interesting if nothing else.

I do think it will also be a lot of messy fun …