Shuttlingsloe – My first finished painting for my graduation show

After what has been a bit of a roller coaster ride recently, I finally managed to get down to the serious business of painting for my graduation exhibition at Astound 2017 … without going into details, I have had to work extra hours at my day job and wasn’t able to start working on my pieces until 2 weeks ago.

I finally have enough materials to make a serious attempt at furthering my painting career and (hopefully) start improving.

Anyway … here are a few progress shots of Shuttlingsloe plus a source image of the location itself.


Shuttlingsloe .


40 x 50″

Composition roughly sketched in … hill, horizon and pathway.







Some rough textured underpainting is added.



After many layers of paint and texture medium, it’s finished.


Source image of Shuttlingsloe showing the path leading up to the hill itself.


Its snowing !!

In the Cairngorms and up on Ben nevis, heh !
I saw this, posted by Cairngorm Mountain Company, earlier …


It makes me think of snow days and crunchy, icy walks.

There are so many delicate, pale colours reflected by snow. It is far from plain old white.
I am looking forward to the challenge of painting snow, this winter.

Here’s hoping we get a white-ish  one !

Last year was a good one for snow 🙂