Well Christmas was busy !

It’s about time I caught up with things on here !

Blimey, it’s mid February already … where did the time go ?

Well … Christmas was mega busy … I had work exhibited in two, two day exhibitions. It is always a nervous time, showing your work to the public, especially when you spend most of your time creating it either home alone or cushioned in the supportive atmosphere of college.

I was so pleased with the results though. I couldn’t attend both events, as I had to be at the Foxlowe show as part of my degree course. I had more sales than I expected at both venues !

What did surprise me was the number of unframed pieces that I sold. Some were not of a standard size, so the buyers would have had to go to the trouble of using a bespoke picture framer, but they didn’t mind … that was a real confidence boost, I can tell you !

It was also great to spend time talking about art / my art to prospective buyers. I do find it difficult, talking to strangers about my work, but it’s something I really do need to work on.

Fast forward to now, and I am still busy with things.

I have just recently had some mega hand in’s for uni, but they have now been graded and feedback was all good … phew ! Now we need to embark on our final module for this academic year. I am going to have a go at printmaking this time, as we are advised that this is our last real opportunity to experiment before our final year.

Other cool news, too …. I have just taken on a studio in town !!

It’s right in the centre of Leek and inย a beautiful building !


Well … when I say I, I mean WE … I am going in with my partner and his brother. It’s all very exciting, but I am hoping that soon, I can get in and sort the space out … I’ll have storage … a table and running water !!

Watch this space !

Some of my available pieces are still, well available to buy …. here’s a few to keep you going ๐Ÿ™‚


If you are interested in any of these pieces, then please drop me a line via email, at lesley92@gmail.com and I’ll be able to tell you more ๐Ÿ™‚










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