Well Hello Again

It’s been a while … again … I am SO going to start giving this blog site some much needed attention from now on.

Well …. I can’t believe that year two of my Foundation Degree is almost over already. This course seems to be racing away and just burning up the years. It’s a bit scary if I’m honest with you !

As far as my artwork goes,  I have decided, for this final module of the year, to depart from my safe (ish) space that is painting and give another technique a try before committing to my final year. So I chose print making. Collograph print making to be precise.

We had a day’s workshop with the wonderful Mary Wardle during our first year. A collograph print is basically a print taken from a texture collage. These can be made using all sorts of materials, from fine sand to scrunched up paper. Once the print plate is dried and sealed, the ink is rubbed on, into all of the nooks and crannies made by the collage. Excess ink is then removed before the print is taken. I am still a bit hit and miss with this process, but I am learning with each print I pull from the press.

I had one proper attempt at this technique over a year ago. I enjoyed it immensely and figured I’d delve a little deeper 🙂

My first ever collograph print .


It’s not very contrasty, but I was pretty pleased with it 🙂

I am currently, frantically working on a new series of print for imminent assessment. These are all based on a local set of standing stones, Nine Stones Close, in Derbyshire.


I am limited to black and one accent colour at the moment, as my budget is very tight. This explains the lack of technicolour in my newest prints !



And I thought I’d also have a go at an abstract composition.


Assessment is on the 12th … I am still having technical issues with wrinkles appearing in my paper (eek!), so I am starting to panic a little … fingers crossed I get it all sorted and ready to exhibit in our end of year show, Astound ( coming up in a separate post)

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